The Basics of Website Creation are All About the ‘Hot’ Trends


With the Oscars just passing us by and the shows now touting every five minutes who was wearing what and what the hottest and coldest trends were this awards season, more and more people are beginning to understand that ‘trends’ are what ALL facets of life are about. That’s right. It’s no longer the Hollywood scene that can claim ‘trends’ – it is the world of social media that accounts for most ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ trends in this world.


So, what does that mean for your business? If you’re an old-timer, it is time to revamp and rejuvenate your site. If you’re a #4newbie, you better make sure that your website is the end all and be all of ‘hotness’ in order to draw in clients and get your feet off the ground in your industry. And the only way for any old or new company to begin this quest is by hiring the correct Social Media Team that can make sure your company becomes one of the ‘hottest’ companies out there.


Gone are the easy days (or simply the uneducated ones), when entrepreneurs simply built websites in a day. Everyone has learned by now (we hope) that in order to get the viewership needed to make a company soar, a fantastic and visual site needs to appear before the clients’ eyes.


Entrepreneurs can no longer pick a semi-boring logo and place an address and phone number on the screen and walk away. Constant blogs, streaming videos, recommendations – all of these cogs have now become part of the wheel that equals an increase in sales. Entrepreneurs have also learned that ‘farming out’ the process to simply anyone is a big mistake. In fact, the team that is required to create that website is one that proves to be as interested in your company as you are. They are the ones who want to sit down at a conference table and talk for hours about your ideas, produce ideas of their own, and work with your company to create something that will truly be unforgettable.


The website design process is much like what those Hollywood starlets go through when they receive a knock on their mansion doors and people come running in with the latest gowns that the designers are dying for the starlet to wear. In the online world, it is the social media team that runs in during the design process in order to create that ‘garment’ that will give you the biggest return on your online investment.


A fantastic website has become the major difference between surviving the current economic difficulties or succumbing to them and having to hang up the ‘Out of Business’ sign. From colorful and very visual sites that offer catalogs of merchandise, detailed descriptions of products and/or services that are available, and that easy-to-use search function on the website which allows clients and potential customers the ability to discover what they like in seconds – are a must.


The fact is that there are many companies that were actually on the edge of bankruptcy when they hired a social media team that came in, revamped the site by bringing forth what was hot (and telling them what was not), to make their companies once again thrive in the marketplace. The re-launch of various sites have become headline news, and the actual entrepreneur or owner of the company did not have to step away from their daily business issues in order to make sure that their re-launch was hugely successful.


This whole process begins with the actual getting of a domain name. Yes, this is getting harder and harder to accomplish because the social media realm has expanded by hundreds of thousands on what seems like a daily basis. But, again, the right social media team can come up with the hottest domain name in order to get your company among the ‘trendiest.’


Then, when they head into the actual design of the site, the social media team you want on your side is the one that knows exactly how to navigate and search, so that your visitors can steer easily around your site and find themselves not wanting to leave.


Having a site began as a way to let more people know your company existed; now it is the way to first establish credibility, trust and begin building those relationships you have to build in order to be successful. Therefore, the site that is designed must have the ease of navigation and the creativity that people want out there in this world. A world that thrives on the magical, mystical and fantastical. No, not in products, those they want to be real and of the highest quality possible. They crave the mystical and magical from the presentation – which means the social media team has to know what they’re doing.


Slick graphics are a must, but even the most beautiful site imaginable will never be found if search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t also set up correctly, Your company needs to rise to the top of searches that appear on Google and Yahoo, etc., because more people must learn about your presence. Therefore, all those keywords on your site must be relevant to your company and your products. These keywords will reach your target audience so that more and more people can find your incredible website and become a valued customer.


It is time to become one of the ‘hottest’ trends in the online world by hiring that social media team that knows how to make your website the most ‘buzzed’ about site on the internet.