Bowfishing Is All About Depth And Distance


A great deal of bowfishing is done from the shore; however, bow fishers do elect to use flat bottom boats and canoes when they’re in low Bowfishingwater areas. And it is important to know that many boats are actually customized specifically for bowfishing, offering items, such as shooting platforms that are raised, generators, multiple lights, and fan propulsion systems for the shallow water.

Bowfishing is all about depth and distance when it comes to your aim. Techniques vary, although wading into the water allows the hunter to get up close and personal. Standing on rocks in more shallow parts of the river is another system that provides a better view and actually helps get the fish more active. In other words, if there are two or more bowfishers in the area, one moving from rock to rock while the other chooses to wade in will allow for the fish to be herded, much like cattle, into the area where the shot can be taken.

In the end, whether the outdoorsman/woman receives an adrenaline rush from hunting or fishing – bowfishing is the sport that will feed both cravings equally.