Traditional HVAC, Propane, Gas: Out


Traditional HVAC, Propane, Gas: Out

ClimateMaster Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems: In

By Henry Morse

Yes, traditions are a great thing. From the family Thanksgiving to the Super Bowl, traditions are a solid part of the American culture. However, when it comes to the heating and cooling of a person’s home – whether it be based on propane, gas, or the rickety HVAC unit that hurts even the dog’s ears – tradition goes out the window.


The rising energy costs show absolutely no sign of stopping or decreasing anytime soon. With the costs come extremely high electric bills that are taking any spendable income that a homeowner works hard for and basically throwing it out the window. So, where does one turn to save money?


The name ClimateMaster is synonymous with high-quality, superior products, the best in customer service and satisfaction and, above all, the one company that’s leading the way in geothermal heating and cooling technology. But how, exactly, would this ‘specific’ energy technology save you money? Extremely simple, really: By installing a ClimateMaster geothermal Well Water Loopsheating and cooling system into your house, the investment pays off big time! The electric bill can be cut up to 80%, and the efficiency of the geothermal heating and cooling system is far above any traditional system.


Take a look at the facts:


Propane furnaces and propane fired boilers are picked to heat spaces, due to being far more energy efficient than an electric heating system; thus, cutting costs. Although this is a true fact, geothermal heating and cooling systems go many steps further. They also do not require the use of fossil fuels; only the earth’s all-natural energy is used to operate the geothermal heating and cooling systems by ClimateMaster.


Cutting costs, saving the environment, improving the air quality in the home, and receiving a federal guaranteed tax credit of 30% that covers installation, labor and landscaping costs – are just a few of the list of benefit’s the homeowner receives. Even the government understands how environmentally friendly and cost effective the ENERGY STAR appliances – provided by ClimateMaster – are.


While many homeowners, one million in America and climbing to be exact, are retrofitting homes to move away from the traditional HVAC and gas furnace, many others are looking to leave the propane world far behind. And the benefits of the geothermal heating and cooling systems from ClimateMaster are the leader when it comes to making the transformation.


Propane furnaces have efficiency of 90-95% on average; geothermal heat pumps go beyond that figure – well-beyond, offering the homeowner efficiency levels that reach from 400-600%. Estimated savings per year? Up to 80%. And the tension the homeowner receives when that new, expensive delivery of propane comes to the house is erased.


Demand for propane fluctuated across America for many decades, but with ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems proven to be the best, the propane market is slowly crumbling. But the factors to take into consideration with propane are many; literally everything seems to affect what your energy cost will be on a monthly basis if staying with traditional propane energy. Demand; decrease in supplies; constantly fluctuating costs – nothing is predictable. Whereas, with ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems using natural energy, none of those factors need to be worried about. Installing a geothermal system saves homeowners upwards of $2,000, period. No math required.


When you speak about propane, you speak about heat only. Which means you still have to deal with the horrifically high electric bill that comes hand-in-hand with the 100-degree summers. Furnaces and boilers only perform heating functions; whereas, the geothermal heating and cooling systems from ClimateMaster provide both in one easy package. They also provide the homeowner with the option of free hot water, as well. One unit, one system – no fuss, no muss.


A technology that literally began in 1945 has become the only cost-effective way for the homeowner to save cash. Not to mention, when you look at that electric bill in the mailbox, the smile you wear at your traditional Thanksgiving dinner will be a whole lot wider.

Source: Baret News Wire