Under Armour Scent Control Rut Jacket and Pant


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Under Armour Scent Control Rut Jacket and Pant

A shark in the outdoor apparel and footwear arena, Under Armour continues to impress. For 2013, Under Armour Scent Control expanded its “Carbon is Dead” line with a number of exciting offerings. Whitetail fanatics will be drawn to The Scent uascent_llControl Rut Jacket and Pant, which fuses an odor-trapping compound called Zeolites with pure anti-microbial silver to help you fly under the radar of a savvy buck’s olfactory system.

Available in Break-Up Infinity, The Rut Jacket features an ultra-quiet 355-weight smooth-faced fleece designed to keep you warm, dry and deadly. Also sure to be cheered are the included kidney warmer pockets and the large front pockets, which allow for easy storage of needed gear. In addition, the jacket is also harness compatible and features a volume reduction system in the arm to prevent bowstring contact and boost overall maneuverability.

The 100-percent polyester pants also shimmer in the limelight with 355-weight smooth-faced fleece, and they are equipped with secure cargo pockets and secure back pockets. In addition, an included boot clip keeps the pants from riding up and becoming uncomfortable.

Designed for the treestand and the forest floor, Under Armour’s Rut Scent Control package is the perfect addition to your clothing arsenal.

For more information, visit www.underarmour.com.