Summer Golf Adventures


Summer Golf Adventures

by Troutski

One of the most popular sports in the world is the sport of golf. And when it comes to the sportsman or the Great Outdoors enthusiast, golf is the best way to shake the summertime blues while waiting for the leaves to change color, the snow to fall and the wild game that’s most popular to reappear.


While waiting for that whitetail game, playing the game of golf is a great way to pass the time. And there are truly stunning locations out there that avid outdoorsmen and women have found to be the best of the best.


If in the state of New York, Rochester is one place that has the most gorgeous golf courses (and most affordable) in the sherry king and prince 16 197country. With sixty-four to choose from, Rochester brings in the numbers. One standout is Greystone, which is a 7,200-yard links-style layout that offers golfers both a variety of tall native grasses and a slew of pot bunkers that must be avoided at all costs. Another fun fact is that Rochester is also one of the healthiest cities in the U.S., which means that perfect outdoor air quality is just what you need to feel fit and have fun.


If on the other side of the country, Portland, Oregon is known as being one of the best cities to get some tee-time in. With forty eight courses, the layouts look a bit like the highlands in Scotland, so you can be in the U.S. while still feeling as if you’ve taken a trip abroad. The color green takes on a whole new meaning in Portland, and Stone Creek Golf Club is one of the most amazing – most emerald – sights to see.


Sunny Californ-I-A is also a place to head for some major golf. In San Jose there are approximately twenty-two courses, and even though San Jose has a ‘pricey’ reputation, the public golf is available almost anywhere you look. The Callippe Preserve is a favorite of many, offering awe-inspiring views of Mt. Diablo.


Seattle is all about green, as well. As everyone knows, when you think of the Washington countryside you think of tall forests, the silent tranquility, and the animals galore for the avid hunter. But in Seattle, there are sixty-two golf courses, including two of the most fabulous this country has to offer; Washington National and the Coal Creek course. And even though you may assume Seattle will always be under clouds and rain – The Emerald City is actually glittering many times throughout the year.


Ah…the Big D! Dallas, Texas loves their golf as much as they love their NFL Cowboys. There are over a hundred courses to choose from, and if you are interested in the history of the golf world, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Las Colinas and the surrounding areas offer a great deal of information and historical sites. It also helps that winter doesn’t put a damper on the golf; the avid sportsmen and women can hit those incredible fairways anytime they want.


And to stay in the land of the Lone Star, it is widely seen that Austin, Texas is the best of the best when it comes to golfing cites as far as beauty, weather and public accessibility to golf are concerned. Riverside is there (home of Harvey Penick for 34 years); Barton Creek Resort, and exclusive courses like the famous Austin Golf Club, where Ben Crenshaw sits atop the golf throne. You can play year-round, enjoy amazing rib joints and listen to some of the best music available.


So where is the most difficult golf course for the adventurer to try? The most complex is still seen as Whistling Straits in Haven, Wisconsin. It is known that only the best in the game of golf can overcome the intricacies of the location. People still call up the YouTube video of Tom Watson playing in the 2007 U.S. Senior Open; the wind was whipping as if he was standing in the center of Tornado Alley. Not only is the changing weather a bit rough, but this course is also installed with over 1,000 bunkers, Irish-style rough, and massively awkward setups that cause a great deal of recovery shots to be made.


So, whether a novice or an expert – take the time to head out into the Great Outdoors, and have more than a little bit of fun playing where the legendary greats once made history.

Source: Sportsmans Life / Baret News Wire