Save Ace from Going to a Cage!


by Denise Carey-Costa

An interesting question to ponder is; why are some dogs lucky enough to be adopted into loving homes where all of their needs are met and they are cared for while other dogs experience nothing but hard knocks their entire lives? The same could also be said of people.Ace

Ace, a three year old Blue Nosed Pit Bull was actually lucky enough to be adopted into a good family when he was just a puppy. He actually enjoyed the first three years of his life living in south Florida in the company of his humans and a fellow pet Chihuahua.

But Ace and his family’s luck changed for the worst when the family lost their home and they were forced to move to an apartment.

Poor little Ace was not welcome at this new apartment because he is a Pit Bull. So he was going to have to be left behind. Ace’s owner reached out to a local resident named Brenda Gonzalez to help find an alternate home for Ace to spare him from being euthanized at the local shelter.

Brenda was able to place Ace in a foster home in Orlando back in July of 2014. Ace stayed at his foster home for over two months waiting for someone to adopt him and give him a permanent home, but no one came.

On October 10th, Ace was brought down to Hollywood, Florida for his heart worm treatment. He completed his treatment and was supposed to go back to his foster home in Orlando but his foster mom says she would not take him back. Brenda was devastated at this news and is now desperate to place Ace quickly into another rescue or into a home. She is not a rescue and has no funds to care for him or place him.

After all of her hard work to get him into a foster home, fundraise for his vet care and get him fully vetted this boy is no better off than he was in July. He will end up in a shelter where he will most likely be killed because of his breed or end up in the hands of the wrong person.

Imagine you are in Ace’s predicament, not allowed to live with your family because of how you look. Then just as you are getting used to your new foster home and starting to feel comfortable or secure again, you find out your foster mom doesn’t want you either.

How much grief can one little dog take?

Don’t let Ace become another statistic. Another little life cut short based on ignorance, prejudice and apathy. Please, someone step up and rescue Ace. He is a good boy who wants so little in life, only the chance to live out his life in a home with a family. Instead he has received nothing but abandonment from the people he counted on to care for him.

If you can help Ace, please contact He needs to be moved from the vet’s office in Hollywood, Florida by Tuesday October 14th or he will be taken to the shelter.

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” – St. Francis of Assisi.


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