Prophet, the Homeless Dog in Florida Needs Help

by Ernest Dempsey

Religions tell stories of many prophets who helped people through providing guidance toward better living. The prophets cared about the people and their lives. But there is one Prophet in South Florida who currently needs help from caring people.Prophet

Animal rescuer and advocate for animal rights, Denise Carey-Costa shared the story of Prophet – a stray dog who appeared at a church in South Florida. He was injured and need help when he showed up at the congregation. People gave him food and water. But Prophet needed a shelter, a home or some safe place to stay.

Denise-Carey Cost teamed up with Temple Boyd to help Prophet and find him a shelter. Due to lack of room at local recues, Prophet had to be placed at a boarding facility. While the two rescuers will be helping with the dog’s espenses at the boarding place, his medical bills and overall care will need a good deal more than these two animal rescuers can afford.

A fundraiser has accordingly been launched at and a request is being sent to all caring folks to contribute to Prophet’s life with as little or as much as they can afford.

Let’s be godsend for Prophet in the same spirit as prophets have been god-end for people in need in history.