The NFL Looks at David vs. Goliath

This has been one of those odd football seasons where the facts given at the beginning

The Answer is…No

The Answer is…No ~ Amy Lignor   Of course it matters if fans watch football games. However, no matter how you look at it, the fans are never going to stop. Football is here to stay. It is the most beloved game in the United States, and bad headlines are not going to make it […]

Release the Kraken…No, Seriously

Release the Kraken…No, Seriously ~ Amy Lignor When Washington, D.C. agrees on something, either it’s completely the right thing to do, or…it’s an election year. (Oh, yeah.) Anyway, this time out it does seem to be the first reason, as the Senate gets together to let the NFL know they need to take a much […]

Say What? Florida Judge John Jay` Hurley Orders Domestic Violence Defendant To Take Wife Bowling

“A Florida judge ordered a man arrested for domestic violence to treat his wife to a night of dinner and bowling and undergo marriage counseling. Judge John Jay` Hurley imposed the conditions on Joseph Bray, 47, of Plantation, after Bray`s wife told the court she was not injured and was not in fear of her […]